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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lartigue, Watson, Brown - The Also Rans

We apologize that the demands of making a living, family obligations and Mothers day have shortened our available time to do in depth analysis on the above candidates. However, we do not think it will make a difference to you or to the outcome of the election. So here goes with the cliff note version.

Annette Lartigue seems to us to be a pleasant but ineffective public servant. She has been on City Council for 12 years yet we are hard pressed to cite one definitive accomplishment she is responsible for. She has our sympathies and condolences regarding the recent loss of her husband, however sympathy cannot play into this Mayor's election , as the issues facing this city are to critical.

Despite our view of Ms. Lartigue, others seem to view her as arrogant and unduly confrontational. This view seems to extend beyond her Council duties and all the way to MCBOSS (Mercer County Social Services). She does not seem to garner the respect of her colleagues in either job. At MCBOSS we have heard that she has difficulty understanding and working within the confines of the Union bargaining agreement and at times tries to unilaterally impose conditions upon her employees that have not been the subject of the collective bargaining agreement. She did receive some unwanted publicity for attempting to flex her Council muscles in an attempt to intimidate a Trenton Police Officer from performing his duties when it came to a member of her family. Her famous “stand down” order to the Police Officer will haunt her political career for years. This was certainly an arrogant and improper use of her perceived powers on Council.

We do give Ms. Lartigue kudos for attempting to introduce multiple cuts to the city Budget, despite Pauly 'The Idiot Prince's apparent inattention and lack of will to support her. The difficulty with her timing was that those proposed cuts were introduced for the first time ten months into the fiscal year. To say the least it was a little late in the game and smelled of political grandstanding.

We thank Ms. Lartigue for her service and the professional manner in which she has conducted herself during the campaign. This was a welcomed contrast to the "Idiot Prince", Tony "My friend is a Pedophile" Mack, Manny the "Phantom, and our next guest Shahid "19 million $" Watson. Despite her best effort, Ms Lartigue should retire back to the kitchen and her day job at MCBOSS.

Emmanuel Shahid Watson ben Avraham; Emmanuel Avraham; Shahid Watson; a Baptist, a Muslim, a Jew. We find it most appropriate that the Circus is coming to town this week at the same time we are talking about old what's his name. We truly do not know what name he is using day to day. Various pieces of his campaign literature list him as several variants of the above names. Occasionally we have heard of Jews converting to other religions, but it is certainly rare for Christians or Muslims to 'revert" to Judaism.

If you have ever listened to Shahid speak you would know in a minute that he is that old type of huckster who would try to sell you anything. Prior to listening to him we could not understand how he managed to drain the Federal government for 19 million in grant money. Particularly when his organization was supposed to be assisting the incarcerated in Trenton and he was found in Atlanta. Where are the FBI and the U.S. attorney when you need them? How in the world did Chris Christie, in his former job as our chief corruption busting U. S. Attorney, not find this guy hiding under a rock.

Shahid loves to speak in high decibels. He enjoys shouting and ranting and taking potshots at his opponents but rarely does he ever say anything of substance. He spends most of his time describing his personal and sensationalistic plight in life. He even talks loud when he proudly tells us of his serial infidelity and his 3 illegitimate children. This guy is a self promoting snake oil salesman. Lastly we have decided that since he voted in Newark last November that he must still live there, because despite our best investigative efforts, we have been unable to unearth a real address for E.S.W.b.A in the City of Trenton.

If you want to read more on this circus act and have a true got wrenching laugh please read my fellow blogger BF&A's analysis of alphabet soup at http://baldfatangry.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/handicapped-trenton-2010-babydaddy-bin-abraham-shahid-whatever/. Shahid do the Capital City a favor and take your show on the road when the Circus leaves town. I wonder if this lunatic is related to the Power Playing, Political Insider,Watson family that is supporting Pothole Jackson? No vote for what's his name in this election.

Alex Brown appears by all observations to be a fine gentleman. We have not run into anyone that thinks otherwise. In this crowd of misfits, malcontents, circus acts, deadbeat taxpayers, pedophile lovers, Phantom Dominican Dandys, Alex Brown is a welcomed relief as a decent human being.

Mr. Brown is a long standing member (more than ten years) of Trenton's all appointed School Board. In his campaign announcement Mr. Brown said he wanted "to bring to an end the legacy of poor performing and under funded public schools; and to bring to an end our city’s dependency on state revenue that has contributed to our city’s continuing economic decline". Youza!!! Under funded are you hallucinating? As one the most heavily funded Abbott districts Trenton's School Budget will likely approach $290 million dollars. Trenton spends more dollars per student then any of the surrounding suburban districts and still has not yielded much success. We think Mr. Brown sees things slightly different then most Trentonians. Trenton High School only graduates about 40% of its students. Based on the continuing declining performance of Trenton's youth in the classroom, we do not view Mr. Brown's School Board experience as a plus, but rather has an abysmal failure.

The next problem with Mr. Brown's candidacy is that he was continually appointed to the School Board by our departing King Doug. That would seem to suggest that either Alex and Doug are chummy (yuck) or that Mr. Brown has never had the guts to stand up to his honor. Either answer is unacceptable. Trenton needs fresh new leadership, not another candidate that will be calling the King at his Hunterdon County Estate, so that we the oppressed get more of the same.

Thus we place Mr. Brown's Candidacy in the same category as that of our 3 sitting Council members, one Director named "Pothole Jackson, and a former lackey named Tony "I'm financed by a Child Rapist" Mack; in the trash to go out as soon as possible.

No vote for Mr. Brown. City Hall needs a clean sweep and to get rid of even a whiff of the stench and incompetence of the prior administration that led us to the brink of disaster.

Well you guessed it that leaves three. John Harmon, Keith Hamilton and Frank Weeden. Up to one week ago we thought we were going to suggest that all three of these candidates were worthy of your consideration. They are all considered outsiders when compared to the King and his Current Court of Jesters. They have all brought forth innovative thoughts and ideas about how to bring real, substantial and immediate change to our city government. Unbelievably, however, we believe that Mr. Weeden stepped on a mine this week. Although he apparently survived the blast, he must have suffered extensive trauma to his brain which had a drastic affect on his cognitive reasoning. How else can you explain why a fellow that has been running for Mayor for 4 years would commit political Hara Kiri by publicly affiliating himself with known gang members in a City that has been ravaged by violent gang crime? Many of the citizens of this city live in constant fear of violent crime and now we have a Mayoral candidate embracing the criminals. It boggles the mind. If Frank wishes to conduct a sociology experiment with the Trenton gangs, that is his business. That is not the type of judgment we want in our Mayor at a time where our citizens are living in fear and terror.

Frank we had not planned on striking you out, but you have now been ejected from the game!!!




  1. Thank you for your completely BIASED one-sided commentary during the last two weeks. When the dust settles tonight and Hamilton and Harmon are on the outside looking in, think of all the time you wasted propping them up.

  2. THANKS for pointing things out about some candidates that the papers didn't see fit to print. Your analysis made it easier to rule out a lot of the losers running for mayor.

  3. I'm back. What'd I tell you? Whose in the drivers seat and whose licking their wounds? And to think you actually thought you stood a chance. See you in four years.