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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mayor's Race Finally in Full Swing

It seems as though many of the much talked about rumors regarding Trenton Mayoral candidates are finally being discussed in today's press. Tony Mack's misrepresentations about his former school finance job...woo what a shocker (sarcasm)!!  the guy cannot balaance a checkbook yet some hold out hope he could be a chief executive in charge of over $200 Mill.  Talk about Fantasy Island. I found it interesting that Weeden called him out at the same time the Times disclosed it had made prior OPRA requests. Looks sort of coordinated to me. Maybe Weeden is the Times guy.  When will Tony admit that he is way behind in paying his city property taxes? Probably when he gets called on that too. I'm sure he will say that the checks been in the mail for the last 6 months.

Paulie "Where is my Urban League $$$$$$) Pintella should be the next one squirming. Between his admitted forgeries and the MIA Urban League money, his unquenchable thirst for tax hikes, and his full time job of caddying for King doug, one would hardly know where to start.

Manny "What is my Name " Segura. Que passa my amingo? Now if you understand that you are beginning to prepare for a Segura administration.  Manny bought a house at 234 Hamilton Ave. for $140,000. Yet, just 2 years later he sells it to some L.L.C. (actual person buying hidden) he sells it for $282,000. Yippie, who provided all that extra cash ,where did it come from and where did it go? Can you say Fort Lee, NJ. Check the Deeds. Why does Manuel get so much $$$ from Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Bergen and Union counties? Are these folks just waiting to run our Capital City and collect on their paybacks?  Why does manuel always hide from public debates?  He has missed 5 already.  could it be that he doesn't want to ask questions like these or because none us could understand the response anyway? Ok Manuel, why do you take campaign contributions from so many Trenton Liquor establishments when you have to vote on their licenses. Are they paying for you to play? Conflict is spelled C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T, as in conflict of interest.  The same question applies to the $2,500 donation you took from the kaplan Law firm while you continue to vote on their lawsuit settlements approving our taxpayer dollars to be paid out to them and their clients...CONFLICT!!!.  You might have thought you would have learned your lesson that people are watching, when you got caught violating the pay to play ordinace with the Borden Perlman contract you voted on and delivered to them, after they gave you exessive contribution.  Aw it was'nt much of a contract, just another couple hundred thousand dollars of our taxpayer money.  Go home, I want a real Mayor that can spell CONFLICT  and INTEGRITY  and has the guts to show some true LEADERSHIP. 

I'll return later and visit the other candidates like ERIC "POTHOLE" JACKSON and ERIC "INACTION" JACKSON.  We'll see if they are one and the same or if one of them is a puppet for a fellow from Hunterdon County named Palmer.

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