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Friday, April 30, 2010

Voter Good Sense

We at New Trenton Mayor  2010 are somewhat heartended this morning that the gloves seem to be coming off in the Trenton mayoral race. Personally I am tired of the blah, blah , blah approach.  Except of course with Shahid Watson, who believes that screaming bull will have an affect on the voters. Hey Shahid, I've been to Chicago but I didn't notice the White House there. Is there anyone out there that still believes the donkey kong he is spewing?  Maybe all of you have turned your volume down before me. If so, good for you.

When are the voters of the City of Trenton going to hear someone corner Paul Pintella on the Urban league and forgery questions. Come on men, (grow a set) or perhaps Ms. Lartique (can breathe deep) and summon the gumption to ask the hard questions that everyone is talking about on the street. If you need help come on back to New Trenton Mayor 2010 and we will try to spell themn out for you in capital letters.

Tony Mack, we checked the city property tax roles!!!!  You are the only candidate that lives in Trenton (we are convinced that Shahid still does not own or rent in our Capital City) that doesn't see the virtue of paying his property taxes. Over $5,000 due on one and $800 due on another. I know you are probably refusing to pay until Eric "Inaction" "Pothole" Jackson (the only puppet with 2 viable nicknames in this race), decides to give back hhis illegally obtained raise. Good strategy...unless the papers take you task on that too. Please Tony no checks, CASH ONLY!!  By the way where do you work now that Barrington has joined your list of past failures? We will patiently wait for that answer.

Annette, we like you we really do. But can you say johnny come lately to the budget crisis party. It was nice that you decided to upstage Mr. Urban League and decide to finally offer some suggestions for Budget cuts. Here is a little tidbit for you, we are about to enter the 10th month of that budget and most of the damn money has already been spent while you, Urban League and Manny "No Se" Segura and the rest of the irrelevant bobble heads on Council sat on your butts and did nothing for the good people of Trenton.  Let's be honest, my dog could wag his tail or bark and have more input on the budget than Pauly P.. You see my dog could do that without Doug's approval.  Hell he might even take a leak on Doug, which is what some of you should have done long before now. Sorry if I digress.

Mr. "Inaction Pothole"  Jackson.  Convince me and others that you are not just any puppet and perhaps that you are only Pinocchio.  You see that would be an upgrade over your present perception in the voters eyes. Pinocchio could walk and talk without his owner's strings (can we all say together Doug Palmer). He just had a tad of trouble telling the truth. In political circles and certainly in this race you wouldn't be the only candidate with that problem (Tony, Paul, Shahid, Manny?).  So our advice to you is to take advantage of this nice day, shed the jacket and go fill some potholes yourself.  Don't worry you will blend right in with the big nose.  A smartly private school educated Hun guy like yourself should know that.

I'm running out of breath so I'll only address one more of the smoke and mirrors candidates. Thankfully we saved the best for last so we can end with a bang and encourage you stop back and read more of us. Manuel Segura.  I feel like I should yell it at the top of my lungs as if we were introducing the fighters at a prize fight.  Then I realized that Manny has proven to be a coward and continued to hide from public scrutiny and completely shirked his duties as a Councilman. Aw hell let's try it anyway.  In this corner we have Councilman MANNY SEGURA (you have to sound loud like the ring announcer...where is Michael Buffer when you need him).  He is a twice elected Councilman and we cannot remember a positive thing he has done. He has violated the pay to play ordinance that he voted for. He gives special favors to his special friends (can you say Borden Perlman Insurance contracts with the city), he votes on city liquor licenses but still takes huge amounts of money from those same people, he accepts $2,500 donations from the same plaintiff's lawyers that he approves settlements for with your tax dollars.  He raises hindreds of thousands of dollars from north jersey contributors in Passaic, Hudson, Essex ,Union and Bergen counties and still pretends to care about Trenton first. Seems like a racket or maybe it is the rackets. He flips his house on Hamilton Avenue for about a  $150,000 profit in just 2 years.  Manuel, can you tell the rest of us how to do that!!  By the way who are the people behind all the LLC's and who is providing the cash from Fort Lee? Why does he drive in expensive SUV's with PA license tags.  Manny do you have a gig like this under another name in Pennsy?  YO MR. NO SE, you are still a Councilman, how about showing up for a meeting when there is an important vote instead of hiding from the voters and the media!!!!  And, it pains me, but I have to say "Inaction Pothole Jackson" had a point about the disability eligibility question.  IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE THE DOMINICAN DANDY MANNY "NO SE" SEGURA, SOOOOOOO LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE FELLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to more posts from you.

    I have been doing my best to keep informed, but struggle mightily with the inoffensive candidates (maybe three of them), because they just don't inspire me. I struggle even more with the other 7 or so; I am incredulous that they have the nerve to even run. At the same time, I suppose I admire that "f it, I'm running" quality, too.

    The Trentonian's LA Parker, of all people, actually asked those difficult questions (forgery/urban league money) of Paulie "PowerPoint" Pintella a couple of months ago, and Pintella basically said, "I've learned my lesson, now we need to move on." He got off REALLY easy, back when he was busted, and when LA asked him about these things. I'm all about repentance and transformation; but he really had no reason to repent or transform, since he was totally let off the hook for his transgressions. I believe, too, it's important to forgive, but Pintella doesn't seem interested in what the people think or feel, especially if they're newcomers. I just don't think Pintella is trustworthy. That's huge. Plus, I think he's rude and arrogant, and about as far away from a congenial mayor as possible.

  2. Keep it up. Don't let these losers off the mat.