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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Random Assortment of Why's About This Campaign

I am sure that many of you have a few questions about this years Mayor's Campaign. So do I. My questions tonight are more of the quizzical type. I'll save the hard core ones until tomorrow and give our Fab five and the also-rans slightly more of an opportunity to come out of the shadows and provide us with answers.

If both Paul P. and Eric Jackson are compatriots with King Doug then why aren't they going to split Doug's constituency in this race? Perhaps it is no longer large enough to matter now that he can not sway the opinions of voters with hundreds of thousands of advertising (like what we are about to see and hear regarding the TWW sale).

I wonder how many back room deals have been cut among the various candidates, to hire one of the losers, or their designated friends.

Wondering if we will see some last minute dropouts endorsing others, to assure themselves of a City Hall job?

Have you ever seen a race with candidates that had so many well known problems that their opponents refuse to talk about? I know the former Mayor of Wash D. C. had issues with drug convictions and prostitution but I'm sure his opponent made it an issue. Perhaps Mr. Barry should move to Trenton, apparently here no one would talk about his junk.

Is anyone else wondering if the big elephants in the room are about to come out this weekend? If not I am left to surmise that they all must have junk in their trunk. I guess then, Bald, Fat and Angry, Trenton Kat and I will be left to do all the dirty work for a yet unknown benefactor.

Since when did the Trentonian shy away from its aggressive reporting style and why have they not done some public disclosure of the Candidate's present and past problems? Would it not be a form of public service to make sure we do not get a crook, poor money manager, incompetent, tax cheat, slum lord or God knows what else as our next City Executive?

Who and when will King Doug endorse? My money is on Pauly "Urban League" Pintella (get it money and Urban League). I think I'm growing tired of giving hints. Let's guess in Sunday's papers, unless Doug believes his endorsement would be too toxic. Naaaaaaaaaa. To big of an ego.

Just wondering, if any of you were running for Mayor would you make sure you could cover the checks you wrote and find a way to pay your property taxes? Only the Teflon Don could get away with that.

Why is it that a sitting Councilman would enter the Mayor's race and then not show up for a half dozen debates and miss the vote on at the two most important budget sessions? Before you answer, kindly understand that "Yo No Se" is an unacceptable answer.

Why is it that a School Board Vice President appointed by King Doug is never referred to as one of the Palmer insiders? Is it because no one knows he is running?

Are you surprised we have not heard the old Helen Ready song, "I Am Woman" blaring from the only woman in the race?

I keep hearing rumblings that one of our esteemed candidates is a bit of a slum lord. When will that issue surface and will he (there is a hint) be outed?

If one or more of our stellar crew were currently jobless, is that relevant and would it affect your decision to vote for them? I wonder who they are.

Is a candidates work experience or lack there of a relevant topic of discussion when we the voters are trying to decide who can do the job? If so then why has that subject not come up (with the exception of the Barrington School District Mack disclosure yesterday)?

If a candidate did not live in Trenton or meet the residency requirement when he filed to run for office is that relevant? If so should he disclose the problem or is it up to the voters, blogosphere or media?

Can any of these candidates actually do the things they talk about doing for Trenton? Perhaps we should start asking how it will get done and how it will be paid for now that we are in a 70 Million budget hole.

Does it make a difference if a candidate gets most of his campaign money from out of town or for that matter if a candidate finances all of his own campaign with his own money? What if anything does either of these things say about the candidate?

Has anyone noticed that no candidate has taken on the issue of the Police or Fire Dept.? Almost 80 Million of the City's budget is directed to those 2 areas. Isn't that worthy of some discussion? Is there any better/more efficient way to staff those organizations?

Has anyone besides LA Parker noticed that our town is dirty? Litter, poorly maintained and boarded up properties, pot holes, graffiti...? What can be done about it, if anything?

If we do not hear from a candidate how are we supposed to get to know him? Perhaps if you are quiet emough you can win by deaultwith all the problems some of the imposters have.

Enough for now. Hope to be back with some hardball inquiries tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing your questions and answers. Remember candidates are always welcome, if they dare come out in the daylight.

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  1. How come I can't vote for Eric Jackson on your poll??