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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tony "I Take $ from a Child Rapist" Mack - Tony "Pay Your Taxes Now!

Well we've waited long enough to get answers, so it is time to throw the fastballs and see if the Trenton Mayoral candidates can take the heat. Any election boils down to an informed electorate exercising their right to select new representatives and hopefully qualified leadership. The problem with this years mayor's race is that too many of the candidates are hiding their dirt in the closet and have failed to disclose it to the voters. We warned them, if they did not come clean we would do it for them. Trenton desperately needs new qualified leadership. The City's problems are many and at times seem almost insurmountable. One would've hoped that would be candidates would have understood that the situation was dire and that all pretenders need not apply. It seems they have not gotten the message, so I am doing my civic duty to make every effort to deliver the truths, and to ask the important questions. No more rhetoric or horse manure for me and hopefully you.

We will start out evaluating or exposing (as the case may be) 2 candidates a day for the next 5 days. Hopefully when we are done you will have more facts than the fictions or illusions that are spewing from many of our candidates’ mouths and campaign machines.

First up. Tony Mack. Tony and his supporters may ask why he is batting leadoff, well it is easy, we believe he is the easiest to eliminate. Although, we must admit that Tony has received a Masters, Degree... in smoke and mirrors and spewing worthless jive. If the bounced checks story was untrue or even perhaps his only significant financial indiscretion we might have been willing to give him a pass. No such luck Tony, your problems are serious and many. Our investigation into the bounced campaign checks revealed that Tony was spending campaign money that he knew he didn't have. He had the audacity to force the County Board of Elections, the County Clerks' office and the County Court system to also spend a bundle of our taxpayer money on an unwarranted, unreasonable and ultimately unsuccessful recount effort. In the process he attacked the character of many a good person. You may ask then what was the purpose. Well if you think like Tony I imagine the purpose was to garner a bunch of free publicity (he certainly could not buy it). The problem for Tony is that most of us have memories and computers with search engines that go back 4 years. Publicity yes, but BAD publicity of BAD JUDGMENT.

Next we need to evaluate Tony's judgment when it comes to his friends and associates. Sorry Tony you get an F here as well. When I went back and read the archives of Tony's failed recount efforts my memory was jogged by the name Jo Jo Giorgianni, the quarter ton rapist as the Trentonian dubbed him at the time. You see Jo Jo was telling everyone who would listen, that he was financing Tony's recount efforts. Jo Jo even showed up in Court with Tony and was observed yelling out at Judge Feinberg. Well most of us would have thought Tony the Christian man that he purports to be, would have prayed on this matter, reformed himself and not hung around with the dregs of society. Nope, no such luck. A quick peak at the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) records available online reveals that ...get ready for a drum roll... that good old JO JO is once again standing should and shoulder with Tony. You see JO JO (we don't know his weight anymore) the child molester, child rapist, pedophile, is once again financing Tony Mack!! That's right the child rapist gave Tony $2,600 on April 10, 2010. Man if that isn't poor judgment and desperation.

Ok, if you’re still undecided, get this there is more. Our guy Tony Mack also seems to have a problem paying his Trenton City Property taxes too. Yes, the same guy that admits to lending his campaign $20,000 to help him craft a message that would keep you from reading or hearing these facts, apparently has overspent again. A little check at the Trenton Tax Assessor's office has revealed that Tony is $938 behind on his Hampton property and, $5,119.74 behind on his Berkley Street property. What kind of moron spends money on his campaign rather than paying his taxes? The rest of us have to pay them, why does a guy who wants to be our leader think he does not have to pay? Is he that desperate for a job?

Yes he is!! You see the Trentonian and Trenton Times both recently reported on April 29, that Tony was fired from his last administrative job in Barrington (South Jersey), for financial incompetence. That news just verified one of the many street rumors that had been moving about town about our guy. The financial incompetence may have been news to the people of Barrington, but for residents of Trenton it was just a natural progression. If you can't balance a check book how can you manage a 10 million dollar school budget? If you can’t manage a 10 million dollar budget how in God’s name are you going to suggest (with a straight face), that you can manage a $200 million dollar budget in a town that has a structural and operating budget deficit approaching 70 million? Just asking.

Our last group of tidbits about Tony Mack, candidate for Mayor. Tony looks like he has run out of money again. He just let his campaign manager go as we approach the home stretch of the race. His palm cards are now copied on cheap white copy paper. Whatever floats your boat Tony, but we just thought as a public service we would remind your street workers to ask for cash this time! Tony has been running around telling everyone that will listen that he is going to reform the Trenton school system. Certainly the system needs many changes, starting at the top. Yet Tony wants to appoint the entire School Board just like his former best friend, Doug Palmer. You see, they were buddies, until Tony decided to submarine Doug and Tony failed to recognize Doug was the Boss and that you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Honestly, would any of you feel comfortable with a fellow with this poor judgment making all the decisions for your children's education. Not me!! Then the icing on the cake, guess where Tony's kids go to school? That's right, not in Trenton; they go to a private catholic school in Hamilton. Let's just hope he didn't pay the tuition with a check.


Next batter up, later this evening...PAUL "MR. URBAN LEAGUE" PINTELLA.  I can hardly wait!


  1. THANK YOU for publishing this. The local newspapers don't seem to be that interested in printing the truth about this campaign of losers.

  2. This is some fantastic work, dude. Not that I relish dirt on another person, but in this case, we really, REALLY need to know about the dirt. It seems ego alone drives Mr. Mack; he needs a job away from public money and out of the public eye, and he'll probably do well enough. And we will too.

  3. Berkley Street? Who are you? Not impressed. Slimy in fact.