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Saturday, June 12, 2010


For those of you that have been paying attention. Doug Palmer, the American Water Gorilla trying so hard to sell your last remaining large repeatable asset, connected all of the dots for you yesterday. His highness the King of Trenton, publicly endorsed Napoleon Bonaparte, I mean Tony Mack. The events leading up to yesterday was another masterful piece of artwork brought to you by our somewhat shy, yet famous artist, William, Bill, "Et tu Brute" Watson. Yes the home team and 20 year defending champs were forced to come out of the shadows and publicly endorse Tony "The Bouncing Check" Mack.

Wow the Puppet Master has been exposed and the final 3 innings of this game are now being played wide open in the light of day. The only reason for such a desperate act is that the defending champs have assured themselves that they are behind and the remaining at bats are limited. Therefore, congratulations to all of you for fighting the water sale so diligently. A word of caution, our Caesar, Brutus and friends have controlled our little Palmer/Roman Empire for a great many years. The ruling faction will never give up without a fight and likely a fight to the death. So remain ever vigilant this weekend and we will return to this space in several hours to promote scene two of this final Shakespearean drama. Let's all hope for our sakes and for the future of our children and theirs that this will play out as a comedy and not as a tragedy.

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  1. No matter what happens, we are so very screwed.

    BTW, I'm still enjoying the running baseball metaphor you're working here.